CapeNature: Fire awareness an all year round priority

CapeNature statistics show that more than 90% of fires in the Western Cape are human induced accidental fires that occur largely through negligence.

The Western Cape’s economy is heavily dependent on water catchment areas. In order to protect the water catchment areas and the ecosystem services they provide the prevention of fires and therefore fire awareness is a top priority for CapeNature.

Landowners or home owners in an area that can experience wildfires, should be practicing proactive prevention and protection.

It is important for Western Cape citizens to stay mindful and take safety precautions when dealing with fire, as fires occur throughout the year.

Fire safety tips:
• Don’t perform high risk activities like welding, grinding and braaing in the open on hot days as it only takes one spark to start a fire.

• Report fires immediately.

• Be fire wise and proactively protect your property from the threat of wildfires.