Hotel to host Easel Exhibition

Zak Jansen, Karoo Art Hotel general manager, is excited that the hotel will be open for a few days as part of this year’s Barrydale Art Meander. The hotel will be hosting an Easel Exhibition with some of Barrydale’s top artists set to display their work. Foto: Graham Abbott

KAROO ART HOTEL in Barrydale will soon play host to The Easel Exhibition which forms part of the 2021 Barrydale Art Meander (BAM) from 15 to 19 December.

Opening its doors on Thursday, 16 December, this highly anticipated exhibition was curated by the hotel’s general manager, Zak Jansen, in close collaboration with local textile artist Liske Yara Forest, owner of Hearts on Main.

This year the festival will pay homage to the late Shane Petzer who was the driving force behind BAM and many other exciting Barrydale initiatives.

The hotel needed a man who is used to dealing with the diverse artistic personalities that will be represented at the Karoo Art Hotel’s Easel Exhibition, and they found that man in Zak Jansen.

Over the last few months Jansen, newly appointed hotel manager, has not only been immersed in the renovation of Barrydale’s old dame, he was also handed the responsibility of ensuring that the incredible work Petzer had done, does not fall by the wayside.

The exhibition will also serve as a collection point for maps to the homes of all artists who have agreed to open their studios for the BAM while visitors will also get a sneak peak into renovations at the hotel.

The Karoo Art Hotel is only expected to be fully operational in March 2022, due to several builders’ nightmares that were uncovered during the renovation. It is even rumoured that the owners might release a Hotel of Horrors feature film at the completion of this project.

On the artistic front, Jansen said that it has been an absolute privilege to work with some of Barrydale’s top creative minds while setting up the exhibition.

“Barrydale is well known for its collection of creative artists. You can’t walk down the street to buy a bread without bumping into one,” said Jansen.

“They are a pivotal part of what makes this town so amazing. We are so excited and proud to bring the hotel back to its former glory and to offer the venue to all Barrydale artists to come together for BAM 2021.” (By Mickey Mentz of News62)