Measles Campaign in Province

THE Western Cape Government: Health has decided to urgently conduct a measles campaign in the province, aiming to achieve 80% coverage to protect children under five years.

According to the department this is a pro-active measure after nine cases of measles were confirmed in Stellenbosch and has been decided on after consultation with academic experts. Parents are urged to take 6 to 59 month old children to a clinic or healthcare provider. In addition to this, health teams will visit crèches and communities to ensure that as many children in this age group as possible are vaccinated. Parents and caregivers of children in crèches have to sign a consent form, otherwise the child cannot be immunised.

According to the department the measles campaign does not replace the routine vaccination and evaluations of a child. Parents have to take the child’s Road to Health Booklet with when visiting the clinic or health care provider, or have to send the booklet to the crèche, so that health teams can record the measles booster shot in the booklet.
The campaign will run from 20 February to 10 March.