Top maths teacher in province!

Philip Jansen (right), teacher at Fezekile Se­con­dary in Oudtshoorn, is the Western Cape win­ner for excellence in teaching mathematics. With him is the headmaster of Fezekile, Them­beka Mabongo. Photo: Wyndham Ewerts

AN inspirational mathematics tea­cher at Fezekile Secondary in Oudts­hoorn, Philip Jansen, was crowned the Western Cape winner in the category for excellence in teaching math­e­matics at the annual Provincial Teaching Awards.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) hosted the 2019 Provincial Teaching Awards in Somerset West on Friday.

Jansen will now represent the Western Cape in the National Teaching Awards in February 2019.

Jansen is a passionate teacher that started teaching at Fezekile Secon­dary in 2015.
According to him he strongly believes that every child has immense potential.

“I feel extremely honoured and humbled to be recognised as the top mathematics teacher in the Western Cape.

“For me there are no boundaries in reaching out to the hearts and minds of my learners to unlock their full potential,” he said.

As part of his own skills-sharpening and professional development, he takes part in the Mathe­matical Teaching Programme of the University of Cape Town (UCT).

He also strives to apply teaching techniques incorporating the latest techniques, seeking to change learners’ general perception of mathema­tics.

In his free time he organises extra classes at his home for his learners as well as for learners from surrounding schools. He does this to further assist the learners, he said.

“I can really relate to my learners’ circumstan­ces, backgrounds and experiences in my approach to teaching them maths.

“Career choices are very important for any learner, and in this regard I am eager to expose them to various career opportunities in their academic career to assist them to ultimately make the correct choice,” he concluded.