Museum remains open for visitors

Photo’s: Die Hoorn Archives

A media statement released by the board of trustees for the CP Nel Museum was received by Die Hoorn on 10 June 2024, regarding the functioning of the CP Nel Museum.

“The Board of Trustees is aware of concerns from the public about the continued functioning of the CP Nel Museum,” the statement read.

“The Board of Trustees would like to reassure the people of Oudtshoorn that the CP Nel Museum remains open to visitors and will continue to deliver services to the community.

Le Roux Townhouse is closed at present but will reopen in the next few days.”

The Board of Trustees also thanked the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, the Oudtshoorn Municipality, and its other stakeholders for their continued support in managing the way forward at the CP Nel Museum.

“Together we will ensure that the CP Nel Museum will remain a beacon of he-ritage conservation for the people of Oudtshoorn and future generations.”.