March in the Garden

March is sowing time for sweet peas.

March is sowing time for sweet peas.

It’s planting season! Time to get new plants into the ground to establish before winter and also the ideal time to move and replant trees and perennials.

• In March, apply compost to each and every planting bed as nutritious mulch. Prepare soil by digging it over to the depth of a large spade, while working in copious amounts of compost and include bonemeal to promote strong root growth.

• Start sowing sweet peas! It is sweet pea sowing time – prepare deep trenches for them by digging in compost and generous dustings of bonemeal or superphosphate (do not use bonemeal if you have dogs). Soak the seeds overnight in tepid water before sowing directly.

• Spice up your food garden with these deliciously different veggie va­rieties. Heirloom varieties are kept true to type, handed down from generation to ge­ne­ration and produce very healthy plants. Some of the exciting varieties on the market these days include strange-looking and fiery chillies, different coloured cauliflower, carrots and broccoli, striped beetroot, and different varieties of tomatoes and brinjals.

• Bedding plant of the month: Lobelia: There are very few flowers that can match the true blue of Lobelia, that appears in light to dark blue, as well as white and dark pink. These grow anywhere in full sun or semi shade and like loose, gritty soil.

When nothing else seems to grow, punnets of seedlings can still be planted out, provided the area does not receive heavy frost.

There are also trailing Lobelias, which have a more cascading habit and are suitable for han­ging baskets, window boxes and for softening edges of raised beds.
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