Julia likes ‘being in conversation constantly’

Julia Eaglestone who grew up between books in the Oudtshoorn Bookshop.

Julia Eaglestone who grew up between books in the Oudtshoorn Bookshop.

Julia Eaglestone earned the third highest marks at Oudtshoorn High School in the 2016 year-end matric exams.

Julia obtained an average mark of 88,9% and seven distinctions.

She achieved A’s in Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Physical Science, Information Technology, Accounting, and Business Studies.

Julia was one of only two matric students in Oudtshoorn who wrote the IEB Advanced Mathematics examination for which she scored 72%. The course is equivalent to A Level maths.

Julia has been at school in Oudts-hoorn all her life – first at Bo-Peep and then Junior Primary and Van Reede.

She ascribes her success to hard work and a good balance between studies, relaxation, and sport. Julia has played hockey from the time she could hold a hockey stick.

She plans to study actuarial science at the University of Stellenbosch this year and intends to complete her post-graduate studies in the United States.

“I want a career involving mathematics and statistics. When I have completed my studies, I would like to start working as an actuary at an insurance company.”

Julia is the daughter of Justine and Norman Eaglestone of Oudtshoorn Bookshop in St John Street. She says she read a lot since a young age. “I had all these books around me, after all.”

Julia says her studies, having direction and being ambitious are important to her. “But having lots of good friends is also special in my life. I like talking to people and being in conversation constantly.

“I also find it stimulating reading about new technological breakthroughs.”

For relaxation Julia enjoys music, playing the piano, guitar, and the violin.

She added: “Although I would like to study overseas I would like to put time and work into South Africa to improve the standard of living for everyone,” she said.

Julia also said she realises the importance of ecological ma­nagement and wants to contribute in this field.

Finally, Julia thanked her teachers for their dedication right through her school days and her parents for “their unwavering support and not being too strict”.