Seweweekspoort flood damage repairs progressing

Waldo de Vries, taksidermis van Beaufort-Wes, demonstreer verlede Woensdag by ’n inligtingsdag vir wildsboere by die Chandelier Game Lodge buite Oudtshoorn die korrekte manier om ’n vel te verwyder wanneer dit gebruik word vir ’n wildstrofee. Die bosbok uit die Albertinia-omgewing is na afloop van die demonstrasie vir R1 700 opgeveil. Die dag is deur sowat 60 wildboere en ander belangstellendes bygewoon. Foto Angelique Erasmus

FLOOD damage repairs to road structures in Seweweekspoort – approximately 6 km from the crossing with the R62 – is progressing well and will be completed in December if everything goes according to plan. (Photo on the next page)

Seweweekspoort is in the vicinity of Zoar in the Kannaland Municipality on Main Road 309 (the R323).
According to a press release from the Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) upgrading the causeways in Seweweekspoort will reduce the likelihood of flooding and mitigate the severity of any damage that may occur on this important link road.

The existing gravel side drains are being cleared near to river structures and channelled into the river to prevent future erosion. Erosion protection works are being constructed on the downstream side of road batters.

Twenty four causeway structures crossing the Seweweekspoort River are being upgraded and bank protection work is being done to protect the road batters from erosion.

The existing road is being improved in three places by adding gabion protection walls and raising the road surface above the river bank. This will reduce the risk of flooding, and mitigate the impact of any flooding that might occur.

Road signage consisting of four danger plates and two river crossing signs is being erected at each causeway to improve road safety.

The need for traffic control measures has been minimised by the construction of bypass roads at the construction sites.

Several short-term jobs and skills training opportunities have been created with R2,2 million that has been spent on targeted enterprises so far, and 2 371 person-days of work that have been cre­-a­ted for people from the Ladismith and Zoar areas.