Sissy is touring again!

Sissy (Erika) McGurk. Photo supplied

OUDTSHOORN’S well known vocalist Sissy (Erika) McGurk is returning to overseas touring after two years of being unable to leave the country because of Covid 19 restrictions.

In the decade prior to Covid Sissy left our shores each winter for up to three months to tour countries in the northern hemisphere such as the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Canada and the USA. Her last planned tour, Round the World via Australia and New Zealand, was cancelled leaving Sissy confined to her home in Oudtshoorn.

Sissy’s husband, accompanist and musical director, Dr Barry McGurk, explained, “The vast majority of the invitations to perform overseas come from tourists who came to our dinner show, Magic Moments, which ran for five years until we retired from regular shows, just before Covid 19 struck.

The show was very popular with visitors to Oudtshoorn and largely because of their ratings on travel web sites such as Tripadvisor we won the Lilizela National Tourism Award in 2016 for the best visitor experience in South Africa. We made many friends all over the world because of the show who want to see and hear Sissy again, this time in their own country.

According to Barry they were obviously disappointed to cancel the Round the World tour and now have arranged to tour only the UK this year with Covid restrictions having been limited.

“We feel that it’s too much of a risk to travel vast distances to tour multiple countries.

“If a new Covid variant and surge appears we don’t want to be stranded in a foreign country, even though we have friends everywhere we go. It’s reassuring to know that at least in the UK we have our family to stay with if we have to quarantine at short notice or are unable to travel back to South Africa readily. We will be in the UK from early July to early September.”

Sissy added: “I’m really looking forward to travel overseas again. I’ve been asked to perform at some small intimate venues in the north of England which I love, but also at a large music festival in Somerset in the south west. Despite all the experience I have at singing to audiences around the world, I still get nervous at small venues and really nervous at large events .

“On a personal note it will be lovely going to the UK where we have family that we have not seen for nearly three years. I am thankful that we are able to travel again to see our loved ones as well as doing what we love – making music.”

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